All my prints are accompanied by a unique Certificate of Authenticity and each is signed.

Prints larger than A3 come in numbered editions. These vary from 50 prints for my standard editions to fewer prints for my signature artworks, thereby adding total exclusivity and value for art collectors.

To ensure the longevity of these collectables, all works are produced with archival inks and are printed on superior, acid-free, fine art paper. I pride myself on delivering the highest standard for all works.

“In interior decor spaces, art becomes the key focal point of any beautifully designed room. These art pieces created by Danie Bester complement any interior space by adding a timeless yet modern backdrop to a well-designed space.”

– Elisha Annandale, Decor Identity


Artworks are available in print only or framed, using preservation-quality materials.

Regarding framing standards: Framing should be simple and timeless. Frames should not draw attention to themselves, but rather accentuate the prints. I recommend plain white or black wooden frames, with white floating or cut-out mounts, under clear glass or plexiglass. Or consider using Diamount® Plexiglass Gallery® mounts that offer 99.7% UV Protection and are hard, lightweight, shatter resistant, and have become hugely popular with modern art collectors.

However, custom framing options are available to suit a particular need. Feel free to discuss your framing options with me.

Danie Bester Loyalty Programme and Industry Rates

If you have invested in a numbered or limited edition print and would like to add another Danie Bester print to your collection, you qualify for a discounted price of up to 10% with your next purchase. Simply email or SMS me the unique file number on your Certificate of Authenticity for verification.

Based on qualifying criteria, agents and industry professionals qualify for an additional discount.

If you would like to buy any of my prints, do contact me. For estimated pricing, view the pricing table below:

Art Pricing

Sizing Estimate Pricing
Print size in mm (long edge) Approximate size Print only
With box frame under 2mm glass and 60mm white mount
With DiaMount® under 3mm Gallery® UV Plexiglass
300 mm A4 1 500 2 100 2 300
420 mm A3 3 900 4 800 4 900
600 mm A2 8 100 9 600 9 850
850 mm A1 12 900 14 900 15 900
1200 mm A0 20 900 24 100 26 500

* These are estimated prices and do not apply to certain signature prints. Final pricing will depend on various aspects such as large orders, sizing, frame options, etc. Also, take note that A4 prints are not editioned.

“A picture is worth a thousand words; A fine art print so much more” 

– Steve Denby


Fine art photography has experienced a steady rise over the past few decades. Exclusive fine art photography has become hugely popular and is sought after by modern architects and interior designers. Fine art photos adorning home and office walls are the current international trend and if you appreciate the work on my website, I guarantee that your Danie Bester print will look so much more impressive in print than on any computer screen. It will provide you with hours of joy and satisfaction.

Choosing the right Danie Bester print for your interior may be a daunting experience. There are so many aspects to consider: colour or black and white, size, framing, and without a design background you might be at a complete loss. Feel free to call me for advice and thereafter send me some images of your interior space (s) so that my team can provide you with sample mock-ups; if possible, I might visit you for a personal consultation.

  • Interior mock-up

Caring for your fine art prints, displaying, framing and hanging them

We all know that wonderful feeling of admiring one’s newly-installed artwork in one’s home or office and how it catches one’s eye, every time you walk past it.  Taking care of one’s prints, displaying them, framing them, hanging and cleaning them: these are all important aspects you need to consider… Read more >>>