Danie Bester founded DPC | Digital Photography Courses in 2010. Since then, DPC has become one of South Africa’s top photography schools. Over the years, Danie has mentored and taught thousands of students and earned himself a reputation as one of the country’s leading photography educators, due to his natural ability to teach and inspire.

As the Director of DPC,  Danie teaches photography courses regularly, ranging from basic to master skill levels. Other specialist photography classes are presented by a team of top professional photographers on a number of subjects, catering for amateur and professional photographers.

“Danie Bester has been a very sound influence in helping me personally grow stylistically in my own photography, and as a mentor, he has played a role in helping me develop an individualistic style, which now gains rapid recognition” –  Bruna Mentrup-Nortje

It’s the most amazing feeling when you sit in a class listening to Danie Bester and suddenly realise… “I made the right decision attending this course”. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I am very excited!

Mari-Lize Bezuidenhout

Words and phrases such as “creating instead of taking” and “visual vocabulary” are now part of my vocabulary. Danie Bester – thanks for sharing unreservedly and treating us as peers.

Phillip Erasmus

It’s always fun to bask in your expert glow. One can hope that some of that talent will make its way to us through osmosis!

Antoinette Reinecke

Danie is an awesome teacher!  He’s very skilled and experienced, which gave me confidence and assurance that I didn’t just waste my time and money buying a camera.

Nothando Ntuli

I have known you for many years and I am still astounded by your knowledge of the arts, it is a privilege to have you at the helm of DPC

Trompie Van Der Berg

Such a great privilege to have Danie Bester in the lab last week. Thank you again for being such an inspiration and mentor to so many professionals in our industry and especially for sharing your knowledge with our pros.

Karlien Murray

Week 2 of my photography course with DPC and already I feel like I’ve learned so much! So blessed to have one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met, as my teacher!

Chelsea Aghachi

I was there last night for the Expanding your Vision class, and absolutely enthralled. Was SO sorry when 10 pm came along. My goodness, what a wonderful way of looking at photography. Could not fall asleep when I finally got to bed. THANK YOU.

Ann McClelland

Highly recommended! Danie’s energy throughout the presentation is truly inspiring!

Tiago Nazareth

Having experienced your passion, not only for photography but also for people and helping them, I have no doubt that whatever you endeavour will be a roaring success. Doing a course through DPC always felt like dealing with people and not an institution – please never lose that – it is a competitive edge.

Marius van Aardt

Lots of hard work went into this course. Your courses always inspire me to learn more, work hard to become a better photographer, to stand out and be unique. Thanks, Danie!

Lynette van der Bijl

Probably the most inspirational course I have had the fortune to attend. Thank you, Danie!

Jackie O'Hare

Danie Bester Photography Master Classes

Danie presents a series of photography master classes, which focuses on visual intelligence and creative processes. Danie firmly believes that the creative mind is the most important tool for creating, rather than the camera and it is fro this perspective that he presents his creative programmes.