Rafiek | Portrait Study
Some time ago, I was out teaching a practical photography class in Newtown when this interesting man walked past us.  I couldn’t resist asking him for a portrait and he jovially agreed. We learned his name was Rafiek. I had him turned towards a bright area to get some catch-light in his eyes. Selectively focusing on his eyes using the tilt function of my 90mm tilt-shift lens revealed his cheerful and amiable character.    Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Kalahari | Fine Art Landscape Photography
Minimalist Kalahari studies in black and white (split tone) studies of the harsh landscape near Kang in the Southern part of the Botswana. The pans are a few kilometres away from Phofu Game Ranch where we stayed for a long weekend in August 2013.   Location: Kang, Botswana (Southern Kalahari)
Pylons | Minimalist Photography Studies
Minimalist, Black and White Photographic Study, Pylons and Power Lines outside Duvha Power Station, near Emalahleni, South Africa, 2013 | Fine Art Photography by Danie Bester
Nkululeko | Portrait Study of a Homeless Man
Black and White studies of a homeless man just opposite Museum Africa in Newtown.  I couldn’t resist to take a series of pictures of this man who was uncomfortable with me photographing him. He kept on turning his face away every time I pointed the camera at him, but I persisted taking a few candid shots. Eventually I approached him and he shyly agreed I could take a formal portrait. His name is Nkululeko, which in Xhosa means “Freedom”.    Location: Newtown, Johannesburg
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