PiX Magazine, Creative Landscape Photography (Part 2)
Check out Part 2 of Danie’s Essential Guide to Creative Landscape Photography, which featured in the PiX magazine (June – July 2013)   In this article, I focus on Creative Camera Settings and Gear that will help you to capture creative landscapes. Some of the aspects covered are: Creative Camera Settings including Dummy Settings like ISO, Aperture Priority etc… Creative blur, Best practice, Black and white.. Inside the Landscape Photographer’s Bag, including Lens choice, Filters, use of Flash, Torches etc…   If you would like to read the full article make sure you get the June – July 2013 back issue from PiX  About PiX magazine: PiX is South Africa’s leading photographic magazine. PiX magazine is aimed at the technophiles who insist on owning the latest gadgets, the professional and hobbyist photographer, and everybody who has an interest in the art of photography or even simply owns a camera, and uses it to preserve their precious memories.
05 Jun 2013 in Press, by
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