Johannesburg | Visions in Colour #02
I haven’t been posting new work for ages! I almost feel like George RR Martin on delaying the 6th edition of my favourite book series! But today, I hope to catch up a little, by posting more than a few urban shots from Johannesburg. These consist of random street photos, portraits, and abstracts, I’ve made over the past two years.  I hope to add a few more impressions to this collection over the winter. Who knows, I might just post again before Spring!   Location: Johannesburg, South Africa Collection: Johannesburg | Visions in Colour
Duplicity | Urban Impressionism
Last month I went out to Johannesburg with a small group of DPC students to teach visual composition. As soon as we got together, I saw these two religious women approaching us. I realised they might just walk by one of my favourite spots; a red coloured wall, which was only a block away. I immediately indicated to my students to follow me, and I followed them from the other side of the road. I wanted to stay unobtrusive, but it was pretty difficult with a group of people following me! I hoped they wouldn’t turn away at the street corner ahead, and as they crossed the street, I knew they are going to pass that red wall. We were fortunate indeed!   While following them, I made a decision to use a slow shutter speed in order to create an impressionistic image. On the trot, I switched to Aperture Priority, knowing that I would have little time to make exposure decisions. It was a bright morning, so I stopped down the lens to f/16. With my ISO at 50, I knew the shutter speed would be really slow. I hoped that the movement blur of their white robes against the red wall, […]
Shadow World II, Johannesburg | Urban Photography
Continuing my project, titled Shadow World, a series of high-contrast, minimalist street scenes of Johannesburg. I shot these street scenes from the M31. Shooting from a high vantage point allows me to capture street life below without commotion. The directional winter sun create intense shadows, which can be used as secondary, or even primary subjects for interesting compositions.    Location: Jeppestown, Johannesburg
Shadow World, Johannesburg | Urban Impressionism
Sharing a few random street scenes and informal portraits I shot in the Maboneng Precinct yesterday.   Location: Jeppestown, Johannesburg
Johannesburg | Visions in Colour #01
Sharing two random images, which will be included in a new collection “Johannesburg | Visions in Colour”.  I shot these in Johannesburg, in 2013; using fairly slow shutter speeds and focus blur. The use of strong colours against muted backgrounds and the movement blur adds a sense of urban energy. Exactly what I wanted.    Location: Jeppes Town and surrounding areas, Johannesburg Collection: Johannesburg | Visions in Colour
Gold Reef City, Johannesburg | Figments
Showing a couple of black and white images I shot at Gold Reef City while taking a group of Advanced Photography Students out on a Practical Shoot. Both images were shot with a Canon 90mm tilt and shift lens.  Location: Gold Reef City, Johannesburg
Haunting Shadows | Urban Impressionism
On Saturday I was driving back home from Johannesburg on Joe Slovo Drive, when I passed this scene. I couldn’t help to admire the elongated shadow casts against a bright orange wall. I immediately pulled off the road and thought to wait for an interesting person to walk into the scene. After waiting only a few minutes, this woman walked into the scene and I was fortunate to capture a few frames.    Why the image works?  The dark shadows, and the visual flow, created by the lines and the motion blur on the woman. I particularly like the contrast between foreground and background. Especially how the orderly lines in the foreground are juxtaposed against the chaotic shadow casts.    Location: Jeppestown, Johannesburg
Rafiek | Portrait Study
Some time ago, I was out teaching a practical photography class in Newtown when this interesting man walked past us.  I couldn’t resist asking him for a portrait and he jovially agreed. We learned his name was Rafiek. I had him turned towards a bright area to get some catch-light in his eyes. Selectively focusing on his eyes using the tilt function of my 90mm tilt-shift lens revealed his cheerful and amiable character.    Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Nkululeko | Portrait Study of a Homeless Man
Black and White studies of a homeless man just opposite Museum Africa in Newtown.  I couldn’t resist to take a series of pictures of this man who was uncomfortable with me photographing him. He kept on turning his face away every time I pointed the camera at him, but I persisted taking a few candid shots. Eventually I approached him and he shyly agreed I could take a formal portrait. His name is Nkululeko, which in Xhosa means “Freedom”.    Location: Newtown, Johannesburg
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