PiX Magazine, Top 10 Landscape Photography Tips

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01 Oct 2013 in Press

Author : Danie Bester

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Danie Bester shares his top 10 Landscape Photography Tips in PiX magazine (October – November 2013)

It is PiX Magazine’s 10th Birthday Issue and in this issue various professionals share their top 10 tips about specific genres. In this edition, I share my Top 10 Landscape Photography tips (Page 66-69).  The aspects covered are…

  1. Capturing Light and Shadow
  2. Shoot at Dawn and Dusk
  3. Shoot with Intent
  4. Have a clear Focal Point
  5. Foreground Interest
  6. Think about Lines
  7. Know your F/stops and Shutter Speeds
  8. Stability
  9. Filters you cannot do without
  10. Develop a solid Workflow


If you would like to read the full article make sure you get the October-November 2013 back issue from PiX


About PiX magazine: PiX is South Africa’s leading photographic magazine. PiX magazine is aimed at the technophiles who insist on owning the latest gadgets, the professional and hobbyist photographer, and everybody who has an interest in the art of photography or even simply owns a camera, and uses it to preserve their precious memories.

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