Pix Magazine, Guide to HDR Photography (Part 3)

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02 Aug 2013 in Press

Author : Danie Bester

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Check out Danie Bester’s Guide to HDR Photography in PiX magazine (August – September 2013)

A major drawback in photography is the camera’s lack of dynamic range. Dynamic range refers to a camera’s capacity to capture details throughout the tonal range; highlights, midtones, and shadows. In this edition, I share insights on how to shoot and create HDR images, which cover a much wider dynamic range. Some of the aspects covered in my article are:

  • What is HDR?
  • How to shoot HDR, including Stick to “good old methods”
  • No need to HDR everything
  • HDR software and Workflow
  • Do not Overcook
  • Conserve TIME
  • Maintain a consistent STYLE
  • Digital Workflow…

You can read the full article by getting the August-September 2013 edition of PiX Magazine

PiX Magazine, August-September 2013

About PiX magazine: PiX is South Africa’s leading photographic magazine. PiX magazine is aimed at the technophiles who insist on owning the latest gadgets, the professional and hobbyist photographer, and everybody who has an interest in the art of photography or even simply owns a camera, and uses it to preserve their precious memories.

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