Johannesburg | Visions in Colour #01

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Sharing two random images, which will be included in a new collection “Johannesburg | Visions in Colour”.  I shot these in Johannesburg, in 2013; using fairly slow shutter speeds and focus blur. The use of strong colours against muted backgrounds and the movement blur adds a sense of urban energy. Exactly what I wanted. 


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  1. Kashif 20 Aug 2015 Reply

    I went to SA only as a woman of 20 years old, and we felt welcome and safe. I was aware of my surroundings, of course, and not go out at night, and was part of many trips along the way. I agree, however, that if ever there was a place I had met people I would have been a little intimidated that would have been Johannesburg. However, because no other ghettos as seen here in Los Angeles or New York or wherever, but because the country is yours, feels different, but going there was one of the most cultural my tour. However, if you go for pure tourism and sightseeing, no need to go there. Stick to wildlife parks and Cape Town. You will feel comfortable.

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