Interior Spaces | Monochrome Studies # 01

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Over the past few months I haven’t had much personal time to work on my photography projects due to heavy commitments to DPC, and my photography students. Spending a lot of time at the office, and working on a series of creative photography courses, had one advantage though; time to review and contemplate my personal art goals.

I realised that the only way, I would be able to continue my love affair with photography, was to take another step away from conventional photography. I have always preferred impressionism and moody photography, over realism and accuracy. However, with my background as a photography teacher, I found it difficult to break with “straight” photography; which I knew, will be more popular and acceptable by most people. Though, I also knew that shooting for the masses, would never bring me freedom and contentment as an artist. The outcome of my personal struggle was clear, I knew I had to pursue my personal vision even more aggressively.

With today’s post, I would like to share about 30 photographs, which I regard as a further breaking away from traditional photography. It is a collection of impressionistic, and minimalistic, black and white photographs of¬† Interior Spaces. These are handheld, slow-shutter exposures, taken with manual-focus tilt-and-shift lenses. I am not yet sure, which of these photos will make it into a final collection. I would still like to expand on my ideas and techniques, which will take some time.

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Collection: Interior Spaces | Monochrome

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