Interior Spaces | Colour Studies #01

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Yesterday, I posted black and white work from my latest project, titled “Interior Spaces”. 


Today, I am posting my first series of colour work, which explores the same idea. My intention is to create a body of impressionistic, minimalistic, and abstract architectural studies; featuring strong graphical elements and mood. My technique involves shooting  handheld, long exposures with tilt-and-shift lenses. In some instances, while making an exposure, I would deliberately move the camera  to induce motion. I would also use the tilt function of my tilt-shift lenses to create focus-blur. My main reason for using blur, is that it adds just so much depth to the images. The fine surface details are blurred, while the quality and subtleties of the light is preserved and even enhanced. The depth it creates make the images seems transcendent and otherworldly. 


As with the monochrome series, I am not yet finished with this collection. I have not decided, which of these images will make it into the final presentation, and will continue working on it for quite some time.


Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Collection: Interior Spaces | Colour

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