Interior Spaces | Colour Studies #01
A collection of impressionistic and minimalistic photographic studies of interior spaces in Monochrome | Fine Art Photography by Danie Bester
Interior Spaces | Monochrome Studies # 01
A collection of impressionistic and minimalistic photographic studies of interior spaces in Monochrome | Fine Art Photography by Danie Bester
Danie Bester Kalahari Photos Published in DEKAT
Danie Bester has been attributed for his contribution in the DEKAT Magazine. A couple of his Fine Art photos of the Kalahari has been used in an article about South African writer, Karin Brynard's latest book, "Tuisland". The black and white photos are scenes from Kolmanskop and Botswana, in Danie's dramatic photography style. DEKAT, is an award-winning, upmarket lifestyle magazine that has become entrenched in South African art culture. The Magazine is currently on sale in shops nationwide.
Danie Bester’s “Silent Concrete” on display at Decorex Johannesburg, 2016
One of Danie Bester’s signature prints, Silent Concrete is on display at Decorex Johannesburg at Décor Identity’s stand.   The delightful, contemporary stand, forms part of the 100% Design South Africa initiative. The initiative encourages and feature work by South African designers and artists only. Elisha Annandale, the owner of Decor Identity, chose Danie’s print as one of the main attractions of her display. The limited edition, framed print of the Gautrain Bridge, is almost 2 meters wide and makes a striking visual statement. It comes from Danie’s fine art architectural series, Silent Concrete. The silent concrete collection depicts concrete structures, fly-overs, and bridges in an almost post-apocalyptic way. This timeless, black and white, panoramic artwork will look beautiful in most modern, or eclectic interiors. Danie hopes to add another few studies to the collection within the next year. Feel free to contact Danie for a personal viewing.    (Update 06 September 2016) Below is a short video clip by Decorex, interviewing Elisha and showing off the Decor Identity stand at the 2016 show. Danie’s print is visible behind Elisha during her insightful interview.  
Duplicity | Urban Impressionism
Last month I went out to Johannesburg with a small group of DPC students to teach visual composition. As soon as we got together, I saw these two religious women approaching us. I realised they might just walk by one of my favourite spots; a red coloured wall, which was only a block away. I immediately indicated to my students to follow me, and I followed them from the other side of the road. I wanted to stay unobtrusive, but it was pretty difficult with a group of people following me! I hoped they wouldn’t turn away at the street corner ahead, and as they crossed the street, I knew they are going to pass that red wall. We were fortunate indeed!   While following them, I made a decision to use a slow shutter speed in order to create an impressionistic image. On the trot, I switched to Aperture Priority, knowing that I would have little time to make exposure decisions. It was a bright morning, so I stopped down the lens to f/16. With my ISO at 50, I knew the shutter speed would be really slow. I hoped that the movement blur of their white robes against the red wall, […]
Pylons | Minimalist Photography Studies
Minimalist, Black and White Photographic Study, Pylons and Power Lines outside Duvha Power Station, near Emalahleni, South Africa, 2013 | Fine Art Photography by Danie Bester
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