Danie Bester Kalahari Photos Published in DEKAT
Danie Bester has been attributed for his contribution in the DEKAT Magazine. A couple of his Fine Art photos of the Kalahari has been used in an article about South African writer, Karin Brynard's latest book, "Tuisland". The black and white photos are scenes from Kolmanskop and Botswana, in Danie's dramatic photography style. DEKAT, is an award-winning, upmarket lifestyle magazine that has become entrenched in South African art culture. The Magazine is currently on sale in shops nationwide.
Pine Trees, Kaapsche Hoop | Impressionist
From my Image Archives. Pines photographed near Kaapsche Hoop on a Foggy day in 2012 created through camera movement and slow shutter speed.   Location: Kaapsche Hoop, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa
River Rapids, Crocodile River | Figments
This past weekend I presented a Food Photography Workshop at Old Joe’s Kaia. Arriving a day earlier, I had the opportunity to take a few time exposures of some river rapids, alongside the Crocodile River   Location: Old Joe’s Kaia, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Kalahari | Fine Art Landscape Photography
Minimalist Kalahari studies in black and white (split tone) studies of the harsh landscape near Kang in the Southern part of the Botswana. The pans are a few kilometres away from Phofu Game Ranch where we stayed for a long weekend in August 2013.   Location: Kang, Botswana (Southern Kalahari)
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