Interior Spaces | Colour Studies #01
A collection of impressionistic and minimalistic photographic studies of interior spaces in Monochrome | Fine Art Photography by Danie Bester
Interior Spaces | Monochrome Studies # 01
A collection of impressionistic and minimalistic photographic studies of interior spaces in Monochrome | Fine Art Photography by Danie Bester
Danie Bester’s “Silent Concrete” on display at Decorex Johannesburg, 2016
One of Danie Bester’s signature prints, Silent Concrete is on display at Decorex Johannesburg at Décor Identity’s stand.   The delightful, contemporary stand, forms part of the 100% Design South Africa initiative. The initiative encourages and feature work by South African designers and artists only. Elisha Annandale, the owner of Decor Identity, chose Danie’s print as one of the main attractions of her display. The limited edition, framed print of the Gautrain Bridge, is almost 2 meters wide and makes a striking visual statement. It comes from Danie’s fine art architectural series, Silent Concrete. The silent concrete collection depicts concrete structures, fly-overs, and bridges in an almost post-apocalyptic way. This timeless, black and white, panoramic artwork will look beautiful in most modern, or eclectic interiors. Danie hopes to add another few studies to the collection within the next year. Feel free to contact Danie for a personal viewing.    (Update 06 September 2016) Below is a short video clip by Decorex, interviewing Elisha and showing off the Decor Identity stand at the 2016 show. Danie’s print is visible behind Elisha during her insightful interview.  
Isosceles by Danie Bester | Featured in Elle Decoration Magazine
Danie Bester’s black and white, fine art architectural image of Sandton City Office Tower, “Isosceles” have been featured in the 2016 Winter edition of Elle Decoration Magazine. Elle Decoration, featured a series of artistic black and white architectural photos by well-known and emerging photographers. The criteria encompassed  “New perspective in black and white, lines shapes and reflections” and “poetry using architecture and light”.   ELLE DECORATION South Africa, is one of 25 editions of the world’s best-selling homes magazine. The Magazine will be on the shelves as of  the 1st of June until the end of July. Alternatively, you can buy the digital version via Zinio:  
Unexpected fortune | Sandton Architectural Photography
Yesterday I went out to Sandton to continue with one of my latest projects on minimalist, long exposure architectural photography. Long exposure architectural photography depends on finding a good balance between blue skies and white clouds. Typically, you need about 65% blue skies and 35% white clouds with fair winds. The stronger the wind blows, the more impressive the white streaks are. Leaving home early afternoon, the clouds were just perfect and I looked forward to creating some really long exposure shots of specific Sandton buildings. My bad, as the weather changed completely within a half an hour! As I was still driving towards Sandton, I saw how the blue skies made way for mostly flat, white skies.    I met with Graige, one of my students, who has since become a photography buddy, at the Capital Hill building, just off Grayston Avenue. I contemplated, or rather complained that it wasn’t the perfect day I hoped for! We nevertheless decided to give it a try after I briefly instructed Graig on long exposure photography. After making just a few long exposures, I realised the bright overcast conditions weren’t working. The skies were just too drab and grey for minimalist architectural photography.   […]
Celestial Forms, Sandton | Fine Art Architecture Photography
Sharing two fine art architecture images I created in Sandton. The first image is a long exposure of over 4 minutes of the RMB Building, titled “Cherub“. The second image is a low vantage point of the Sandton Office Towers, titled “Isosceles”   Location: RMB Building in Sandton and Sandton Office Tower
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